How to Increase Sales with Your Booking System

There are plenty of techniques that you can use to maximize your sales at the point-of-sale and even before the customer reaches the point-of-sale. The choice of a good booking system certainly goes a long way in ensuring that your meet your sales targets. The best software tools are now loaded with great features that can help you bring in the sales and the revenues for your business. Here are some simple tips that you can use in order to boost the retail sales and the sales of various ancillary products in your spa, salon or any other travel niche which offers products and ancillary services in order to expand its revenue base.

Cross-Sell Products with Services

When you are selling your travel and accommodation services via your booking system, you can also identify related or associated services which you can sell alongside these. Many booking systems have great cross-selling features that you can use to make recommendations to your buyers on the various other products which they can also invest in. There are intelligent systems that can analyze the customer’s service history, the spending habits, and product purchases in order to make the right recommendations of products which are likely to increase the retail sales. The top online booking software will normally automate this recommendations process for every customer. For example, booking an anti-aging skin treatment at a spa facility can get recommendations of the various anti-aging skin care products which are available for sale.

Send Product Refill Reminders

This especially works when it comes to the spa and salon booking systems. If customers have already bought your retail products in the past, you can send them reminders after some time so that they can come and buy from you once more. This also makes it very convenient for your customers to order your products.

Link Loyalty Programs to Retail Products

This is a technique that is currently being deployed across various travel niches. If you already have a loyalty or rewards program, you can extend the same to the retail purchases. If you need to move some products faster, you can even award double points as an incentive for customers who purchase them. An example of this can be seen in the airline loyalty programs. Many airlines are now building ancillary revenue channels by introducing souvenir stores and pairing air travel with hotel accommodation while allowing their customers to earn reward points from all these channels.

Encourage Employees to Sell Retail

When it comes to marketing your retail products, your employees will still play a very important role. Set revenues goals for your sales and let employees meet these targets. Have a rewards scheme for those employees who work hard in order to meet the targets.

Have an eCommerce Platform for Retail Products

Some travel providers cross-sell or up-sell the retail products alongside their main services but others built separate portals where they can focus on selling their retail wares. An example of this is the Emirates High Street by Emirates Airlines.

Retail products are always a good source for the extra revenue for your business and with a  good strategy, you can expand your company’s portfolio and bring in more revenues and profits for your business.

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