Learn About Football and the Best Boots to Play It

To start with, it is important to understand the definition of the word ‘football’. In America, they call it football while in some parts of the world it is referred to as soccer. In Australia, Aussie rules football call it “football” or “footy.” These definitions imply that the game of football is held in high esteem in many places in the world. In that regard, football boots Perth companies provide are important for a successful game of football.

Learn about Australian Football.

This form of football is an open, fast moving, and much of a contact sport. Playing this kind of football puts real demand for football boots. These boots need to have features that suit the game. Luckily, companies for football boots Perth currently has stock a wide range of such boots for their customers. That is not to say these football boots cannot be used in other styles of football. They have excellent features that make them functional across the board.

Various Types of Football boots

·         Puma Spirit II Men’s FG Football boots: FG means firm ground. The upper part of the boot uses soft calf leather for comfort as well as support. These boots have a conical type of stud pattern. This gives excellent traction and support in the demanding game.

·         Puma King SL FG Football boots 2014: This boot incorporates an ultra light micro fiber but still has the quality of leather, which gives it a more natural touch to the ball. This boot also provides good protection to the back heel and the Achilles tendon.

·         Adidas Kaiser 5 Liga Football boot – 2015: Although essentially a soccer boot it has many good features that can be applied to “footy” as well. This uses full grain leather combined with synthetic quick drying lining. It gives comfort and “breathability” to the foot. The outer sole uses durable polyurethane.

Rugby Union Football

This form of football is bread and butter for Australia, having excelled in the game for many years both nationally and beyond the borders of the country. This means a special boot is required to meet the demands of this classic style of football. However, with reliable companies for football boots Perth community has today, players need not be worried.

Rugby Union Football Boots

·         Gilbert Jink Rugby Boot: This rugby boot uses very good nappa leather for the upper part of the boot. This gives very good comfort and an excellent water resistance. It also uses eight studs on the sole of the boot.

·         Adidas F10 SG Men’s Rugby Boot: An interesting feature of these boots is the screw in studs. Given a change in playing conditions, then new studs can be added that meet the needs of those conditions. The upper part of the boot uses a highly durable synthetic material.

·         Gilbert Sidestep revolution Side Step: This uses synthetic materials for maximum comfort along with six studs arranged to give maximum traction.

Australians love their sport. A whole range of different styles of “football” is played in Australia: Aussie rules, Soccer, Rugby Union, and Rugby League. These and many other sports as well.

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